J’ai peur 

Today we went rock climbing. A fairly basic route suitable for 5 year olds. I. Was. Petrified. Ever since having children my nerves have gone through the roof. As a child I was generally petrified. As a 20 and 30 something my confidence stabilised (hello anti-depressants) but from children-ahoy onwards I pale at a little slope, a gravelly incline. And worse is a rock face that you’re watching your precious younglings traverse and then have to follow with some sort of air of nonchalance. Needless to say I was not nonchalant. I crumbled and whispered to our guide ‘j’ai peur’. So fricking embarrassant. J’ai embarrassment. Je voudrais crawl under a rock and die. Before I scrape the seven shades of shit from my underpants. 

#hoveringclosetoacliffface #hoveringclosetoshittingmyself #hoveringclosetoinsanity


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