Candy floss insanity

So there’s a new ‘3 men and a baby’ film out. It’s called ‘3 baby baking potatoes and some left over candy floss’. We went to the zoo. And everything was fine. Great in fact. Until the candy floss hit. I stupidly gave them a choice: ice cream or candy floss and they chose the latter. I will forever rue that decision. 6yo boy went savage. Wide eyed, clawing, biting, kicking savage. Infinitely more riled than any of the big dozing cats we’d been to visit. I was quite scared. And wasn’t physically equipped to deal with it either because I’m doing the cabbage soup diet this week so I had nothing but watery vegetables pumping through my muscles. We barely made it home. He fell asleep fortunately and we all breathed again. So this is now my view: 3 baby baking potatoes (you’re allowed a baked potato and butter on day 2, but obviously I need 3 as they’re BABY baking potatoes – see previous post) and the remnants of the floss for pudding. Fighting trousers on everybody, I’m going in. 

#hoveringclosetoasavagechild #andasleepinglion #andthreeBABYbakingpotatoes #hoveringclosetoinsanity


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