When the shit doesn’t hit the fan

One of those rare nights when all the shit misses the fan and you actually have a pleasant family evening together. And even use that fire pit that we bought about a decade ago and which has been rusting in the corner of the garden ever since.

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Hammer claw kitkat 

Words cannot express how annoying the experience of eating my Kit Kat was. In years past (16 years to be precise – how time’s flown) the delight of breaking the foil and snapping the kitkat stick off was a thing of simple satisfaction and joy. 

Fast forward to 2017, where some clever clogs have made it near impossible to tear the friggin packet open despite its supposedly clever ‘flow wrap’ plastic package techno-wizardry. It doesn’t work. And I have been left to eat this thing of would-be joy (which is ps illegal anyway because of the nestlé vibes) crumb by crumb near enough and I use my hammer-claw to attack it. Totally dissatisfied. 
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