#lowcarbdiet update: day 9

#lowcarbdiet update: day 9. I have made soup. Poo soup to be precise. Well it might as well be poo soup because I’m not fucking eating it. It’s full of all fairly tasty things: chicken, mushrooms, celery, carrots, cabbage and chicken broth but somehow the combination is a lot closer to turd than I really feel comfortable with.

Debating tipping a bottle of #davesinsanitysauce (excruciatingly hot chilli sauce) in to mask the flavour and blow my head off. At least I’d lose a few (head) pounds even if I did have no head to speak of. And with. Anyone fancy some chicken soup? I think other people than me might quite like it. I’m just feeling resistant to non carby legal things and still obsessing about illegal carrot cake. Pull up a stool, I’ll dish you out a bowl.

#hoveringclosetopoosoup #hoveringclosetoinsanity


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