Toffee crisps, sea life and a word on the Faraway Tree

The day started well – husbo let me have a lie in and then I had two toffee crisps for breakfast. I then got unnecessarily cross while buying a coffee because the smalls were pestering me incessantly for cake while husbore had buggered off to look at bikes. And then they wanted ice cream … sweeties … a fishing rod(?!). But somehow we made it through the day without killing each other. 

The itinerary was: toffee crisp breakfast in our AirBNB Hove holiday house -> Troy coffee to go in Hove then bus -> Brighton Sealife centre to find Nemo and Dory and generally gaze at Mother Nature’s wateriest wonders -> dinner at Bath Arms pub to eat Mother Nature’s wateriest wonders (in a nice creamy chowder with seaweed and potato cake and other seasonal veg) whilst playing Minions Guess Who -> bus home cuddling small people waiting for them to turn bat-shit angry any minute but they didn’t -> shower for the smalls (pretty chuffed with that although it had been days since we’d washed them) -> Faraway Tree and bed. 

I mean the grown ups still bickered, I felt like I lost a week of my life while 5yo girlie decided which £4 bracelet was the most beautiful in the Sealife Centre gift shop (spoiler: they are all hideous) and there were some aim and timing issues to contend with in the toilet department from the under 6 brigade but at least no-one told me they hated me today. 5yo boy did say he didn’t like The Faraway Tree as he was drifting off to sleep, which was a bit of a kick in the ovaries, but I’m going to rise above it. And will move on to Winnie the Pooh tomorrow instead. #hoveringclosetosealife 

#winniethepooh vs #thefarawaytree 

#100acrewood vs #enchantedforest



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