Shoe story

I’m on my way to a friend’s house to be ‘chief in charge of make up’ for her daughter’s 11th birthday party. There are two problems with this: 1) I don’t know shit about make up 2) I get the feeling that 11 year old girls can be quite blunt in their criticism. I have 6yo twins so I understand how to interact with 6yo twins. I can no longer remember how to interact with anyone younger and anyone older is baffling. The other problem comes in the area of footwear. It seems that every time I see this 11 year old I turn out to be wearing the shoes that she’s just been told she can’t have because they’re too expensive. This causes a certain amount of embarrassment and a feeling that I’ve put my well-adorned foot in my mouth. Today I ummed and ahhed over wearing my new pair of DMs but I was worried that the same would occur. So I’ve gone for these: an actually fairly pricey pair of treat-myself trainers that I bought when I once looked at #dresslikeamum feed but which I reckon I can get away with saying cost only £20 from new look if questioned. I really should have just worn my slippers and been done with it but vanity got the better of me. So wish me luck. I may just ditch the shoes in the front garden and go in barefoot. 



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