I have a great new game. It’s called ‘burning the shit out of my right arm’.

Mega Burn

Mega Burn

It has become clear that my sub-conscious doesn’t see the point in teaching my children health and safety on a theoretical basis. Instead it chooses to make use of practical demonstrations. To this end, I have (to date) burned my right arm no less than three times to demonstrate the lesson that the oven is hot. I would say that the message had been fairly well engrained in the off spring after the first mega-burn, but it seemed that my sub-conscious thought it was worth a further two demonstrations to make sure that the message really sank in. The result? Well the plus side is that the tinies are now petrified of the oven and won’t go near it, the downside is that I’m possibly permanently scarred. But surely that’s a small price to pay for the health and safely of the smalls. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t decide to take the same approach to teach them that you can drown in the toilet.


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