#lowcarbdiet update: also day 8, a.m.

Just downing a strong black coffee to encourage that extra pound out before my SlimmingWorld weigh in 😁

#lowcarbdiet update: day 8, a.m.

#lowcarbdiet update: day 8, a.m., had another banana smoothie. Somehow the world doesn’t look quite as bright as yesterday afternoon. Maybe I need to be on the point of starvation before I have it to get that particular hit

#lowcarbdiet update: day 7, p.m.

#lowcarbdiet update: day 7, p.m. I’VE HAD A LOVE AFFAIR WITH A BANANA. NO, not THAT way! Eugh, gross. No, I ate a banana and suddenly I was in love with the world again. Because I hit a #lowcarbdiet wall today. I couldn’t eat my brunch omelette as I just couldn’t face eating any more f.u.c.k.i.n.g eggs. So I only had about 3/5ths of it. But then I was reeeeeally hungry. And weak. I found myself wandering around central London passing Prets every 10 metres – who I KNOW do a good line in carrot cake – obsessing about carrot cake.

So I reached out to a friend and he told me to eat a banana. And I was, like, alright then. So one trip to @hollandandbarrett to buy some essential seeds to make one banana smoothie later and all of a sudden I felt IN LOVE WITH THE WHOLE WORLD AGAIN!! Made #schoolpickup a much brighter affair I can tell you. THANK YOU BANANA! THANK YOU FRIEND! Next up: #courgetti